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In the last few months, I worked a lot on connecting different services to OpenLDAP. My general impression is that, in many cases, there could be a more detailed documentation about it. So here is a little collection – no long articles, just the configuration part. This is part 5: How to integrate Redmine, a free software for project management, with OpenLDAP?

The LDAP configuration in Redmine is well documented. In the admin settings, you can find the settings page for „LDAP authentication“ that is a built-in feature of Redmine. Add you LDAP server as an „authentication mode“. It contains more or less exactly the fields I’d expect, wow! It supports binding with a special bind account, you can add our filter, for my memberOf overlay that could be:


When it comes to synching, you need a plugin from Github called „LDAP synchronization“. Read the readme! Every field is explained there. There are just two things that are worth knowing before spending a lot of time…

  • You are about to sync LDAP groups to Redmine groups, not to Redmine roles! (This might be clear to those who already know Redmine. To me, it wasn’t.)
  • Watch out for the fields in the second tab. Put in the group name only, not the full dn. Here:
Users must be members of: users
Administrators group: admins
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2 Antworten zu „OpenLDAP with … Redmine“

  1. Hanspeter

    thanks, it works for me perfectly 🙂

    1. silke

      Great, that’s good to hear! Sorry for the late answer – I almost overlooked your comment among the spam. Cheers!